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DIY cream glue mobile phone case - the healing system is coming, breaking your girl's heart!

by JingruWong 01 Apr 2022

During the Chinese new year, I took the cream glue mobile phone case I made for myself home for the Chinese new year, to be honest!!! If I didn't go out to play, my friend asked me to say "touch my hand", I didn't touch my hand at all!

And I have a habit of playing mobile phones, that is, my little finger will be held against the lower edge of the mobile phone. As said on the Internet, it seems that if I hold the mobile phone with my little finger for a long time, the fingers of the mobile phone will become bent and deformed.

I just put the small bench on my shell, and my little finger turned into a small plane against the position of the small bench. On the contrary, my finger pressure was not as strong as before and became better.

Does anyone really worry about the practicability of cream glue mobile phone case? I can only say: not strong.

For example, if you want to hang your mobile phone on the bracket, you can't put it. Some of them can't put it in the extra large shell pocket. They can only hold it or put it in the bag.

Of course, many bloggers have answered the question whether the above things will fall off. If you don't break it hard, the accessories on the cream glue won't fall off.

But this thing is very photogenic ❕

⭕ made nails and took photos with the shell: Nice!

⭕ Selfie in mirror: good looking!

⭕ Go to the amusement park and play: it's nice!

The problem of cutting hands really varies from person to person, ha ha. Then there is the problem of easy dirt. First of all, the white cream glue must be super invincible explosion. It's easy to be dirty, but you can change the background color! Moreover, the cream glue can be washed and lightly brushed with a small brush after it is completely dry. There is no problem in cleaning.

In addition, I think most of the plmm who will buy cream glue mobile phone cases should like to change clothes for mobile phones as much as I do. Hahaha, maybe sometimes a shell has been changed before it is dirty

And the cream gel case is really addictive HHH

in summary!! Radishes and vegetables have their own love. People who like to use them mainly pursue beauty, that is, justice. People who don't like to use them don't always have to say "affect me to play games" and "good touch" there. Just don't buy or watch them~

Don't worry about beauty. DIY cream glue mobile phone case - the healing system is attacking, breaking your girl's heart!

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