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Fluid bear DIY Experience Hall popular with little red book!

by JingruWong 30 Apr 2022

DIY experience of fluid violence bear with explosive fire in the whole network

Chic contrast unlock stunning texture
Open a unique hand experience
Weekend decompression new play get!
It's finally arranged

Referring to the recent hand experience of super fire, "DIY fluid violence bear" must have a name! Unlike the assembly line painting and the bearbrick collectibles queued up overnight, each fluid violence bear painted by hand is unique~

In addition to the cool appearance of its own trendy attributes, what people expect most is the randomness of the pattern of "splashing color" in fluid painting. The color blocks collide freely, and the pattern changes continuously with the manufacturing process. With the relief of paint and the care of artistic creation, we can experience the mood of hand-made and unpacked blind box at one stop. Just ask, who doesn't want to take such a special new toy home!
The door with cow pattern and macarone blue is amazing at a glance. The arched window is filled with violent bear works of guests. The double-layer loft pattern makes the store small and functional!
On the first floor, you can customize the name brand, a wide range of colors and parts, which is a good idea for hand-made players. You can also customize your pet owner~

In addition to experiencing fluid violence bears, the second floor space can also experience cream glue handicrafts, mobile phone cases, hairpins, mirrors and other supplies!

Fluid DIY two steps
Hand disabled party, look at the tutorial!
When we come here, of course, we can't miss the fluid violence bear experience! The vegetarian violent bear is a typical trendy bear. Its gills and lips are slightly bulging, its nose is small and round, there is no mouth or eyes, and its neck can rotate 360 ° at will. Of course, do not pull the bear's arms and legs with brute force, which is not guaranteed to fit back.

The bears in this store have three standard sizes: large, medium and small, and the experience price is 338 yuan, 188 yuan and 138 yuan respectively. In addition, there are small models of Bear Pendant to choose from. According to our experience, the formation of fluid painting texture is fast. For the first time, it is easier to choose a larger bear model. Remember to wear apron gloves and be careful not to drop paint on your shoes~

Red, white, yellow and green. The pigment inventory in the store is dazzling. After referring to the color chart and asking for opinions, we plan to make a red and blue contrast bear.
The salesgirl told us that there are roughly two types of fluid paintings. You can choose to make clear-cut "large color blocks" or relatively complex "small textures". After the paint is mixed in the plastic cup, if you want to make a "big texture", you can use the paint cup to directly connect with the bear model to pour paint.

The method of "small texture" fluid painting is to pour one or two of the selected pigments into the plastic cup, and then pour them from the plastic cup onto the bear model, and so on. It is not suitable to stir, because the color mixing will be ugly~
After choosing the color and the type of color block to be made, we are about to start the formal production! Stand the bear on the plate, hold the bear ear or claw in one hand, and pour the paint from the foot in the other hand. According to the rhythm and technique of each person, there will be a variety of "bear coats", some like blue and white porcelain, some like armored people, and some like tropical fruits, with their own characteristics.

Don't forget to use hand tools to carefully sew the joints of the bear's body. On the basis of trying not to destroy the formed patterns, help the bear's neck, arms and legs to put the paint in place in each small place. The unique violent bear is almost finished.
Finally, the finishing touch time comes. You can throw some texture and blow some glitter powder on your works according to your preferences, and pursue the fashionable essence of less is more. You can add nothing and keep a capable shape.

A unique fluid violence bear is so successful. The little sister in the store is also very patient. She can help guide us in every link and always reminds us to "be careful not to rub the paint on our shoes"~
After finishing, you can't take it away on the spot. The propylene needs to be dried for a day. When I see the bear again, the texture has been perfectly shaped and solidified smoothly. The finished product is simply too textured.
As exquisite as birthday cake, you can choose to pick it up or SF home after packing. On the way home, we were always asked where the bear did it. It's really meaningful to depict the beautiful mood and lovely things and freeze them as the exclusive works of the moment! If you have time, you might as well invite your good friends to play~

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