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DIY tufting carpet has become a popular product through tiktok

by JingruWong 01 Apr 2022

The handmade circle has also set off a retro style, and more and more people are addicted to handmade carpet making. Original title: more than 15 million times, DIY tufting carpet is on fire in tiktok!

Since the social platform tiktok went online, it seems to be leading the trend all the time. A simple 15 second short video can make the products sold out in a few hours, and there are countless products that have become popular through tiktok.

Toky's hand-made carpet has been popular with consumers in recent months.

On tiktok, search for keywords such as handmade carpet. We can see that #rugmaking has been played more than 266 million times and #tufting rug has been played 15 million times.

More and more tiktok users like hand-made DIY carpets. There is even a #rugtiktok topic on tiktok, which contains many short videos of tufting carpets, and the topic has been played nearly 474 million times.

It is reported that Nicholas Ferrara is one of the tiktok users who first triggered the trend of DIY tufting carpet. As early as the beginning of 2020, he happened to see a tutorial on making carpets with tufting guns on the oil pipe, which got out of hand. Later, he uploaded his works to tiktok and instagram, and suddenly had many followers and even opened his own shop.

There are many other users who are popular on tiktok because of DIY tufting carpet. They have different styles. The common ones are animation image, retro style, industrial style, modern style and so on. Among them, several tufting carpet types with high heat include AJ carpet, skeleton carpet and bill carpet.

The survey shows that this DIY carpet, which exploded on tiktok, is most popular with the young people of generation Z (born from 1995 to 2009).

On the one hand, the tools used in the handmade product are very cool, and can give full play to their imagination in the production process. Young people pursuing personality will not miss this opportunity to express themselves.

On the other hand, over a year of COVID-19 blockade policy, people's travel restrictions, more and more people fall in love with manual production, of which retro wind also blowing into the handmade circles, all of which promote the hand tufting carpet to become the trend of TikTok.

At present, this popular hand tufting carpet can not only directly sell the finished products, but also accept customer customization or sell hand-made carpet making tools.

It is worth noting that the patterns of handmade carpets are very rich. When choosing finished products or product descriptions, businesses should pay attention to screening to avoid infringement.

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