Copyright infringement related policies

Copyright is regarded as a legal document to protect the rights of authors of literary and artistic works. The right to use works and other copyrights can be sold at a high price. But it also means that any illegal use will bring huge costs to illegal users.

Nowadays, copyright is easily infringed on the Internet, such as on websites, online stores or social media. The typical network copyright infringement is the illegal use of pictures. Therefore, this has caused damage to the author. After that, the author can claim damages. These cases usually involve copyright infringement of photographers or graphic designers.

In this site, we always check the right of use before using the works of a third party (non contract partner) to prevent copyright infringement.

-Free pictures: use pictures and photos only when free commercial use is explicitly mentioned.

-Although it is free for commercial use, we usually thank the authors; Include the name of the photographer or designer at the bottom of the image so that everyone who created the work is clear.

-Save links or take screenshots of the website. The pictures can be used for commercial purposes free of charge.

-If no free commercial use is available (e.g. Adobe stock), please purchase the image and keep the invoice as proof.

Sometimes we use other people's photos on the Internet, and we don't even know it infringes copyright. Just in case, we will delete all products related to the photos and pay the author a retroactive fee and give credit to the works.

Copyright is one of the most valuable assets of each author. Therefore, we do our best to avoid infringement of copyright and protect the rights of the work and its authors.