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Questions & answers ——Make your custom phone case

by JingruWong 04 Jan 2022

Questions & answers ——Make your custom phone case

1、Can I design my own phone case?

Yes! You can create your own one-of-a-kind phone case to protect your precious gadget. However, if your friends and people on social media start noticing it, you can easily start selling them within mere hours!


2、How to make my own iPhone case?

 In our catalog, you will find blank phone cases to design for the most popular iPhone models: iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS/XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7/6. Simply select the custom phone case you want to design, enter the design tool, and make your own phone case. 


3、How much does it cost to make a custom phone case? 

In our catalog, the custom phone cases start at $8 (or $6 with Ez2DIY Premium) and go up to $40, depending on the model. 


4、Do custom phone cases support wireless charging?

All of our Case mate range, our Flexi and snap cases, and even our clear and biodegradable cases can be used for wireless charging.


5、What phone models do custom printed cases fit? 

With a whole host of different materials to choose from, our printed phone cases are ready for the iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, the Samsung Galaxy S9, s9 Plus, the S8, and S7, to name just a few. 


6、When I make my own phone case, where can I sell it? 

You can sell your custom printed phone case wherever you like! Contact us by email,you can take advantage of Ez2DIY API and sell on your own platform! 


7、What do I need to start my own custom phone case business?

 You only need two things: time & ideas. If you have design ideas in mind, you’re basically already an up-and-coming entrepreneur! With Ez2DIY, you don’t need a substantial financial investment – upload your artwork to our design tool, adjust to your liking, and publish the product mockup to your store and social media. After your customer makes a purchase, we’ll do the rest: production, packaging, and delivery.


8、Can I get a sample before I start selling? 

Yes! In fact, we very much suggest getting samples of all items you’re about to sell. We believe that being able to see and feel the quality of your custom phone case and your printed design before you start selling is invaluable for a merchant.  Remember, your printed phone case is an actual production item, so you would pay the regular price.


9、How long is the production time for custom printed phone cases? 

Production time depends on your chosen print provider. With Custom Products, it’s three days on average; Keep in mind that the production times are subject to change. 


10、Are phone cases suitable for POD dropshipping? 

A phone case is an excellent dropshipping product because of its small dimensions and weight and is easy to source. 


11、Do you have a minimum order for custom phone cases? 

Absolutely not! We won’t ever tell you to buy tons of items that you might not even have room for. 


12、How are custom phone cases made? 

Each custom phone case purchased via Ez2DIY is made to order. That means there’s definitely a uniqueness factor, but more importantly, there’s no leftover stock. 


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